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Destiny Church Munich Missions Partners

Living Water - Germany e.V.

Adopt-A-Child Sponsorship Program

We have a unique partnership with the "Adopt-a-Child" program as the German National Coordinators for Living Water are Mark and Jennie Humphreys, both of whom are very much a part of Destiny Church Munich team.

The vision statement of Adopt-A-Child is "Changing the World...   One Child at a Time"​

Adopt-a-Child does this by showing God's love - through the provision of nutritious meals, medical and dental support and real friendship.

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Orphanage and Education in India

Destiny Ministries supports an orphanage and educational program in Odisha, India.

The children were all originally street children with no future and no hope. The orphanage feeds, clothes and provides them with an education.

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Joint Aid Management International

Joint Aid Management International (JAM) is a charity which currently feeds over 1 Million children in Africa each day. The network of Destiny Churches partners closely with JAM raising money to support their work.

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